This site is powered by Jaded, my static(ish) site generator.

I'm actually working on a new version of Jaded, that will allow you to generate static files rather than the current in-memory process that's used.

Jaded works well, it has a folder for posts, and a folder for views which are all using the Jade template language, and yes, I'm aware Jade is now called Pug, but Pugged does not sound anywhere near as nice as Jaded, and so I will continue to call this system Jaded and continue to use Jade.

I built this system a while ago because:

  1. I wanted to.
  2. I wanted to redo my personal page and make it differently.
  3. I felt like it.

It's been running on version 1 of Jaded for over a year and handles well, and the new features coming soon will make Jaded handle even nicer.