A Rebranding, and other things.

I'm in the middle of rebranding some things at Data McFly.

Data McFly itself will remain as a company, but the actual Data McFly product will be renamed to Flybase.


One, Flybase is a little easier to say, and two, it lets us gets away from having to tell the same story about the name whenever we say who we are.

I mean, I love the name Data McFly, but we get asked every time if we're related to Data or Marty McFly, which leads us to go into the history of our name:

When we first built the API that would become Data McFly, we called it DataGarde, but there's already a similarly named company, so then the project became Mongoly, but that never felt right either, so finally after demoing our API to some developers, they gave us this comment: "Your API makes our data fly"

From there, we grew into Data McFly, but since we don't want to keep telling this story everytime, we've decided to have a name change. And the name itself took a lot of thought, before we settled on one that worked.

Data McFly is still the company behind our service, but starting today, our service is known as FlyBase, while the current URLs still work, as well as the current libraries, we'll also be releasing our libraries to use the new FlyBase URLs.

The name Data McFly isn't going away entirely though, Data McFly is still the official company, and FlyBase is an offering from Data McFly.

In some ways, this gives us more freedom to continue to bring the great service you've come to expect, and also to add new services, so that's a win for everyone.

The first new service is a new blog, called MVPin30, where we show you how to build a new Flybase powered MVP every 30 days or less, as well as other tips and tricks related to building MVPs.