A collection of various writings and projects from across the Interweb that I've worked on.

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Highlighted Posts From The Flybase Blog

  • Flybase: A real-time backend API service.
  • MVPin30: blog where we build a new rapid MVP every 30 days or less.
  • Roger Stringer dot com: My personal blog.
  • Coded Geekery: My other, slightly more long-form personal blog.
  • FIT Stack: A Flybase / Angular.js / Node.js powered framework for rapidly building MVPs.
  • Jaded: Node.js jade-based static(ish) site generator
  • Summarizer: PHP class to summarize content into short summary
  • WorkerPod: an online service designed for the sole purpose of helping web professionals find their next job, promote their availability and trade skills with like minded people. We bring together the latest data from leading and niche web job boards, add our own meta data such as key skills and location and notify subscribers.